2022 Flutter Beginners Course(No rubbish)


In this flutter class, I have tried to make flutter as simple as possible. So if you want to become an Android developer or an iOS developer and build Android or iOS apps, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Everything you need is in this class. Dart-like data types, classes, objects, single-level inheritance, and multi-level inheritance are some of the things you’ll learn about. You’ll also learn how flutter works, the basic syntax, and look at widgets like containers, text, images, and more.

Finally, we will also be making two apps. One of them is a poop simulator that will help you avoid social situations. In the bathroom, turn on this simulator and it will look like you are peeing. When you don’t want to talk to someone, just go to the bathroom and turn on this simulator. If you want, you can also use other apps in the background while the sound is going on.

This is one of the apps that we’ll be making. The magic calculator will make your friends think that you know magic. As soon as you press “=”, their birth date will show up. How? Join the course today.

Also, you have also passed. If you were able to read all of this that I wrote, you should join this class right now.


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