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We are currently living through a digital era. With the onset of the pandemic, several businesses and organisations were forced to shift their process to digital platforms. We spend a major part of our day scrolling through social media feeds or using our mobile phones/the internet for various purposes. With several businesses shifting their process online, we have more reason to go digital. Upskilling with the help of a digital marketing course will help you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing job market. Read further to learn about Manisha’s journey with Great Learning.

After working for 8 years, I left my job to look after the kids and that makes you feel less because you lose the self-confidence to start it all over again. The same happened to me. I eagerly wanted to start my own business but was not able to even think about it clearly. That was the time I started looking for online courses in Digital Marketing. And thankfully I found Great Learning!

I am in deep gratitude to Great Learning for the best support they have given me. I was really sceptical about the course and how it will help me to restart my journey after 3+ years of work gap, but it was all futile. Now I am a proud owner of a Digital Marketing Firm located in Noida – Digi Solutions. I have a team of 4 and am doing real business. 

Great Learning has offered a course structure that really helps you learn and practice the learnt concepts. I was highly impressed by the faculty at Great Learning. Thank you again for the support and wish you all the luck!

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