Assists me in comprehending AIML from the perspective of clients




My name is Deepto Bhattacharya, and I have 15 years of expertise in the customer contact centre, mostly in the interaction analytics and quality domains, where artificial intelligence and data science tools are used to execute the majority of the tasks. I’ve been in charge of both long-term strategic goals and initiatives with a short turnaround time.

When I’m not working, I like to write short stories that I eventually turn into films. As a result, filmmaking and scriptwriting are two of my favourite pastimes.

I adore travelling and have visited nearly eight countries, with plans to visit more once the pandemic situation has calmed down.

I was recently promoted to manage and lead the data science team, which is largely responsible for artificial intelligence and augmented reality initiatives. As an outsider to the coding world, I rely on the team or the subject matter expert for the basics and technical aspects, but I want to satisfy my curiosity when working on such projects from the project face perspective.

The purpose of enrolling in the course is to familiarise me with technical jargon and basic abilities.

We’re continually on the lookout for customers who are still doing business the old-fashioned way at contact centres for various roles.

We’re constructing a POC (proof of concept) using AI and ML knowledge, which is a rudimentary model to show how improved customer service using AI and ML can bring to the table, coupled with cost savings and process perfection.

Intent discovery (forecasting what customers need) is one of the use cases (client aim), and the clients have invested millions of dollars in terms of resources and time to build a team dedicated to predicting end consumer requirements.

We’re using AI to assist clients not just save money, manpower, and time by deducing the customer’s intent when they call but also predict what a specific demographic of customers would ask for in the future.

The problem’s impact has yet to be determined, but we’re reaching out to potential clients/leads to encourage them to use AI from us using cutting-edge AI/ML tools rather than the traditional manner.

Rather than real-time problem-solving, it’s more about business development and establishing revenue opportunities.

We’ve created a set of models that employ AI and machine learning to read the current situation and anticipate future events based on the customer’s purpose or requirements.

It’s difficult to quantify because the outcome is measured in terms of revenue rather than quantity. As a result, when we reach out to clients, the story narration or business case development is more geared toward incorporating AI/ML into their current business functions, and the knowledge imparted through faculty councils has aided in the execution of the training and presentation to clients.

Prediction of Intent through a set of models eliminates the requirement of real-time staff instead of implementation of the AI/ML model that reads the current scenario and predicts on its own based on a set of patterns fed in the system.

Around 16 sets of new projects have been aligned through various business functions ranging from predicting business intent, conversation design, augmented reality troubleshooting, etc. have been acquired in the last quarter.

The current module and the way the training is being imparted helps me in understanding AI/ML from the client’s perspective, who is new to these. Hence it equips me to train, coach, and develop sales strategies to pitch AI/ML models to offshoring industries.

Instead of implementing an AI/ML model that reads the present scenario and predicts on its own based on a set of patterns given into the system, prediction of intent through a set of models eliminates the need for real-time staff.

In the recent quarter, around 16 new projects were aligned through multiple business operations ranging from predicting business intent, dialogue design, augmented reality debugging, and so on.

The present module and how the training is delivered assist me in comprehending AI/ML from the perspective of clients who are unfamiliar with these concepts. As a result, it qualifies me to train, coach, and design sales strategies for AI/ML models in the outsourcing industry.


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