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ISO 16262

ISO 16262, also known as the “HPI-HTML” standard, is a technical specification for the creation and presentation of electronic documents. It is primarily used for creating web pages and web applications, and is the basis for many modern web technologies and standards, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The ISO 16262 standard was first published in 1998, and has since undergone several revisions to keep up with the rapid evolution of the web. The latest version, ISO 16262:2018, was published in 2018 and includes a number of updates and improvements over previous versions.

One of the main goals of the ISO 16262 standard is to provide a consistent and interoperable way of creating and displaying electronic documents on the web. To achieve this, the standard defines a set of rules and guidelines for how web content should be structured, formatted, and displayed. This includes specifications for HTML elements, attributes, and layout, as well as guidelines for styling and scripting web content using CSS and JavaScript.

The ISO 16262 standard is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international organization that works to develop and promote web standards and best practices. The W3C is responsible for overseeing the development and evolution of the ISO 16262 standard, and works closely with other industry groups and standards organizations to ensure that the standard meets the needs of the web community.

Overall, the ISO 16262 standard plays a critical role in the development of the modern web, and is an important resource for web developers and designers who want to create high-quality, interoperable web content.

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