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The Complete Node.js Course is a training course on building a RESTful API with Node, published by the specialized academy Code with Mosh. In this course, in addition to Node GS, he also worked with the Express framework and the MongoDB database management system, and developed customizable, secure, and fast APIs. This course is completely project-oriented and in addition to solving practical examples, it will introduce you to a set of bugs and errors of novice programmers. At the end of this course, students are expected to easily use node-based applications to design, test, and implement versions of modern JavaScript ES8 features and tools when needed. Storing all kinds of data types in mango databases as well as complex calls from this database is one of the most important topics discussed in this course.

What you will learn in The Complete Node.js Course

  • Learning to work with modules in Node.js
  • Use the default and initial packages of Node JS
  • Asynchronous programming in JavaScript using promises and async / await
  • Perform CRUD operations on MongoDB databases
  • Store and retrieve complex, multidimensional data and link tables using Mongoose
  • Implementation of data validation system
  • Implement a user authentication system and manage access levels
  • Manage and log various system errors and errors
  • Write unit tests and software tests

Course specifications

Publisher: Code with Mosh
Instructors: Mosh Hamedani
Language: English
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 220
Duration: 15h

Course topics

Getting Started (00:20)

Node Module System (00:58)

Node Package Manager (NPM) (00:48)

Building RESTful API’s Using Express (00:56)

Express- Advanced Topics (00:55)

Asynchronous JavaScript (01:04)

CRUD Operations Using Mongoose (01:15)

Mongo – Data Validation (00:54)

Mongoose- Modeling Relationships between Connected Data (00:51)

Authentication and Authorization (01:13)

Handling and Logging Errors (01:03)

Unit Testing (01:15)

Integration Testing (01:09)

Test-Driven Development (00:57)

Deployment (00:28)

The Complete Node.js Course Prerequisites

You don’t need any familiarity with Node, Express or MongoDB.

You just need some basic familiarity with JavaScript.


The Complete Node.js Course

The Complete Node.js Course Introduction Video

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