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I’ve close to 14+ years of experience in IT. Just like any other engineering student, I got placed during a campus drive in Tech Mahindra (Pune), where I was working as an Operations Engineer + Oracle database administrator. Post this. A better opportunity attracted me when I moved over to Infosys (Pune) as an Oracle DBA. By 2013, I got an offer from Vodafone (_VOIS Pune) for the role of an Oracle DBA itself, but eventually, I was placed into a Data warehousing team, where I started working with Oracle suite of products, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, Big Data Technologies, and Analytics! This is where, as we moved on, we started to apply predictive analytics use cases at work to solve process or business problems. 

My day-to-day work at Vodafone (_VOIS) involves Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Solution Designing, and managing a small team of Product developers. Also, I am a ‘Community of Practice’ Lead for Data Engineering in Consumer Products & Services.

It is quite common in any IT workplace to have ITSM (IT Service Management) systems at play, and so did we! Our challenge was, even after having a solid set of processes, talented people, and most of the tools which we need to work with, there was always a considerable amount of SLA breaches for incidents that our Operations engineers used to work on, even during weekends! This is where we started to think about a data-driven approach to improve the situation so that we can first identify the cases where or the reasons why a ticket would breach, followed by immediate notification to the relevant support team(s) in case there is a high chance of a ticket breaching. Such notifications will help our operations engineers to prioritize or act on tickets that are more susceptible to SLA breaches rather than only working on pre-prioritized tickets. This is a shift of mindset as well, and it was all driven by Machine learning. 

Although we have not put the solution yet into Production for real-world usage, once we do, we expect at least a 20% reduction in the cases of SLA breaches in our ITSM tickets. This is a huge improvement in terms of our credibility in resolving tickets on time. 

Great Learning, irrespective of whether I’ve joined the PGP AIML program or not, has always been of great help because of the thousands of high-quality courses which are already available for free for enthusiasts in the industry to pick up new skills in the data and cloud areas. I got to taste even the better quality of their deliverables once I started with my AI-ML Program since I have now decided to enhance my skills beyond machine learning and to try and make use of deep learning and natural language processing at work. Starting from the Video content to mentors and the coordinators, all are extremely dedicated to making our learning a fruitful experience.  


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