FinTech QR Code based Mobile Payments System

Merchants and customers are the most important part of any digital and cash-lite economy. They both want the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient system to use. These are some of the things that make QR code-based payment one of the best mobile payment tools.

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We will learn about business in this class.

Global adoption data and examples. EMV Co QR code process for customer and merchant presented QR codes, backend transaction flow, security and challenges, and a comparison between QR codes and NFC. People use BharatQR, mVISA, Masterpass, Alipay, and We chat Pay QR codes to make payments on their phones. They also process payments.

FinTech is also called digital banking, digital finance, or financial technology.

With the Practitioner Course on Payment Gateways and QR Code, this course has been merged into one big class. If you only want to learn about QR codes, choose this course.

After you finish and think about the points we talked about, you will have a good idea of QR code-based payments, their back-end processes, and their problems.

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Who this course is for:

  • To learn more about QR code-based payments, anyone who wants to know what they could be used for
  • A lot of people want to know how a QR code payment works in both a digital and a cash-based world.

FinTech QR Code based Mobile Payments System

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