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In this Flutter course, we’re going to learn about how to store local data using the drift package, which makes it easier to write and read SQL queries. It also makes use of SQLite 3 and works well with both Android and iOS.

If we use the Provider package, we can learn about how to manage Flutter states. This package is used by a lot of Flutter developers. With the help of the Provider package, we’ll learn how to manage basic and advanced states.

When you use Drift, you can keep your data in real-time. Drift is a way to move.

  • Flexible: Drift lets you write queries in both SQL and Dart, and it has APIs for both languages that are easy to use. You can filter and order results, or you can use joins to run queries on more than one table. Isn’t it great that you can even use complex SQL features like WITH and WINDOW?
  • Drift has a lot of features. It has built-in support for transactions, schema migrations, complex filters and expressions, batched updates and joins, and more. Even for SQL, we have a built-in IDE.
  • Drift makes it simple to keep your database code simple with built-in support for daos and importing files into SQL files.
  • It is safe because Drift makes type-safe code based on your tables and queries. Drift will find mistakes in your queries when they are being written down and give you links to help explain what they are.
  • Because drift lets you write powerful queries, it can keep up with the speed of key-value stores. Drift is the only major persistence library that has built-in threading support, so you can run database code across isolated databases with no extra work.
  • Reactive: You can turn any SQL query into a stream that automatically changes. With this template, you can make a Flutter to-do app that works on any device.
  • Battle-tested and ready to work: There are a lot of unit and integration tests for Drift, which makes it very stable. It is used to make Flutter apps.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in Flutter

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