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This course is a compendium of my 11 years of experience as a Publisher with the Google Advertising Program (Adsense). Since its launch in 2003, the Google Adsense program has grown to become the leading source of advertising income for Bloggers and website owners. And with the growing use of mobile devices across the globe, it has become relatively easier to start and monetize a blog using Google Adsense from scratch.

The materials in this course have been carefully selected, and organized in such a manner that experienced and inexperienced persons can follow the guide, set up their blog and apply to become a publisher with Adsense, the income from this approach is recommendable.

With over 6.8 million advertisers on Google, the team at Adsense have continually improved their system to serve their vast users and customer base – using all kinds of strategies including artificial intelligence to manage and implement bidding strategies for their ad impressions, cost per clicks and click through rates.

This course, therefore, teaches how to set up a blog from scratch and grow traffic sources from select 25 countries for the purpose of earning a real income from Google Adsense. The author has also included results from his 11 years of experience as a publisher and further added results from students he has mentored.

Here are some AdSense recommendations for your website and blog.

Make valuable, one-of-a-kind content.

For starters, your site may be accepted by Google AdSense at first, but then subjected to a quality assurance assessment. To put it another way, you can’t expect to have 100 pages indexed and monetized by filling your site with low-quality material.

Instead, choose something you’re passionate about and connect with others who share your enthusiasm. Then collaborate with them to develop material that other people who are interested in that issue would like to read.

Increase the stickiness of your website.

Visitors to your website may not immediately click on your AdSense advertisements, and if they leave after seeing just one page, you’ve likely lost them and their prospective AdSense profits for good. That is why you must develop a sticky website.

What this implies is that you need to make sure that every visitor to your site wants to explore it more and farther. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. To begin, have clear navigation at the top of your site so that visitors can quickly discover the most important information.

Make sure that each item of material has a connection to another piece of information. That way, if your visitor doesn’t like the page they’re on, they may click on a link to another subject that interests them instead.

Finally, the sidebar should contain more content links. Let your visitors know what your most popular material is, as well as what your most shared and commented-on stuff is. Visitors will be intrigued as to why some pieces of content are so popular, which will keep them on your site for longer. Furthermore, the more times your sites are loaded, the more adverts they will view, resulting in increased Google AdSense profits.

Allow your visitors to return to your site in a variety of ways.

Make sure your visitors don’t forget about your website. Multiple channels should be included in your header, sidebar, end of content, and footer so that people may interact with you and follow you. Options such as email opt-ins and social networking should be included. That way, every time you create or promote a piece of content, you’ll be reminding your readers about your site and ideally encouraging them to click on more of your AdSense advertisements.

Enhance the user experience.

The user experience is something that many website owners struggle with. You might have the finest content and the best ad placement in the world, but if your site doesn’t load on mobile devices or runs slowly, you could lose a lot of people before they ever have a chance to read it or click on your advertising.

As a result, it’s critical that you take a few steps to improve your website. To begin, conduct some easy tests using Google’s Test My Site tool to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and loads fast. Both of these tools will alert you to any problems with your site so you can address them.

Second, if you haven’t already, sign up for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can keep a watch on your traffic levels using Google Analytics, so if you see a decline, you can investigate it straight immediately. The Google Search Console has a number of tools that may assist you in determining if your website has any performance issues or other mistakes that may be creating trouble for your users.

Who this course is for:

  • Bloggers and Internet Marketers
  • Students and Young Graduates
  • Anyone with a passion to build an alternative source of income via Google Adsense

Google Adsense and Web Traffic Growth Bootcamp, 2022 Course Site

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