Great Learning is the place to learn and sharpen your skills – Janakiraman Dasarathan, Advanced Certification in Software Engineering


Upskilling with the help of software engineering courses can help you power ahead in your career as software is an in-demand skill. This blog talks about Janakiraman Dasarathan’s journey with Great Learning’s IIT Madras Advanced Certification in Software Engineering Course in his own words. Read further to learn more.

Great Learning is the place to learn and sharpen your skills. I am doing my IIT Madras Advanced Certification in Software Engineering. My journey was awesome at every stage. I never felt like I was doing distance learning as the team makes all our batch mates be collaborative with Slack where we share and discuss our doubts and knowledge sharing. Regular online classes, support sessions, Q&A sessions and know your mates’ sessions are scheduled in a professional manner which helps my learning journey more interesting and easy. I am sure it will add great value to my profile as well.

I have done online courses with multiple vendors, however, Great Learning is the best platform which I would recommend for all working professional and for those students who wants to upskill their profile with the industry-focused courses.

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