I feel that this will be a launchpad for my career – Syed Mohammad Raza Zaidi, IITH-SEDS




In the midst of Covid’s first wave, I graduated as an electronics engineer, and my higher education plans were affected due to the same. I explored many online learning platforms in order to brush up on my programming skills but they lacked the depth of delivery. After self-teaching for almost a year, I felt the need to secure a legitimate certification and competitive skill set in order to land respectable opportunities. 

After considering a couple of options, I enrolled myself in the IITH-SEDS program of Great Learning. Here, I learnt the depth and logic behind the implementation of programming. The mentors are quite friendly and give a personal touch while making us understand the conceptual and practical knowledge. Within a couple of months into the course, I was able to crack through rounds of interviews which ended up in self-validation and a boost in confidence. Further, I saw it as a chance to increase my network as people from different domains are part of it, which helped improve my soft skill proficiency. In all, it seems a positive slope in matters of growth. 

In December, three months into the course, GL started giving job openings. That was the time I started applying with full effect. The portal was pretty effective in comparison to others, and after a few rejections, I got the chance to be a part of Eli Lilly and Company and I accepted the offer. It was a total moment of joy, and I feel that this will be a launchpad for my career.  

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