It was indeed a Great Learning experience with Great Learning – Arup Kumar Mondal, PGP AIML


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pgp aiml

My name is Arup Kumar Mondal, and before joining the PGP AIML program at Great Learning, I worked for Accenture as an automation tester. I’ve worked in software testing for almost a decade.

When I was working there, I was eager to learn about the hottest AIML subjects. My friend mentioned the PGP AIML program as I was looking through numerous websites and YouTube videos. I simply look at them a little and only at that moment. I believe that significant learning occurs when a classroom curriculum is delivered. As a result, I concentrated more on the educational curriculum here.

Since I was quite strong at arithmetic in school and my explorations, I found math to be a little easier for me than for others.

As an automation tester, I had to code regularly, so I chose an area where both analytics and data, with some coding, would be available, hence which is why I chose AIML over another program in data analytics with Great Learning.

Before enrolling in the course, I had no experience with AI. I wanted to investigate the domain when I first started learning. When I joined SAP, I informed my manager that I was pursuing the program and that I would be interested in working on AI projects as well. So I was given the opportunity, albeit on a shadow basis, to begin working with another team in addition to my everyday tasks. In this way, I was able to pass on the results of my automation testing to the data science team.

As a product professional, I’ve seen a lot of tickets raised for minor concerns. Furthermore, because the tool was running globally, we received tickets from all over the world, such as a browser not opening or the tool not working, and so on. As these were typical problems that could be solved in less than a minute, I decided to design a Chatbot to address these issues with quick resolutions. 

It will offer replies available in the Chatbot, and it will be settled through it. However, if the person is still dissatisfied, he or she may file a ticket for advance issues. 

As a result, I’m continuing working on that chatbot for difficult issues, as well as a few demos for stakeholders and everyone, and I’ve produced a chatbot for this application. So far, we’ve had positive comments and new add-ons, as well as new feedback that I need to include. 

Ultimately, the product has given us an advantage in looking into the ticket and resolving the issue on time. Previously, the person had to wait for one or more of them to respond to his or her questions, which hampered our production because we had to undertake development work while looking for tickets too

So it’s now easier to focus on the application, and it’ll also be beneficial to repair the issue and get back to work, making it more convenient for everyone. It also means that businesses’ revenue is increased.

I learned how to make a chatbot during the course. To make one utilizing a Jaso file, I used LSTM and Decision tree method and NLP. 

We currently have three or four projects in the works. We are a group of 5-6 persons, and each of us has proposed a fresh project concept, which we discuss every week. We will begin working on whichever initiatives are chosen initially by stakeholders.

Our next projects are – We are constructing and healing the system in this project, which is similar to the Auto Healing automation. The system will automatically discover and heal the issue. 

Another project is for Testing. We are attempting to construct a machine-learning algorithm so that when such a popup appears, the tool will be able to recognize the error message and will segregate all those applications that are failing one time till the next time it occurs. We will assist in solving the problem as it comes to us. Here we’re using CNN Image Processing to complete the job. 

Because technology changes daily, I am an automated tester. You will hardly see manual testing as everyone wants automated testing. However, there are numerous places in automation where we can explore many things that can be accomplished with a new concept, so why can’t I learn something new and be market-ready? This will undoubtedly assist me in obtaining a solid position in the firm, so if something goes wrong in the future, I will be secure since I know something else that I can quickly learn in that area. Additionally, if I work in various areas at the same time, it will be advantageous to me. I can work in a variety of capacities, which will benefit both my company and me.

Before joining Great Learning, I had very little knowledge of AIML and was just curious as to how everything worked and how these were happening. If I searched for any videos or movies, another suggestion would appear the next time, and every time I wondered how this was happening in the background, but I only searched for one movie, and it began to appear in recommendations, and it is now available everywhere, including Amazon.

So I wondered why I couldn’t learn all of those things, and I also watched a lot of movies like Marvel movies. I was interested in how they do these things with their hands, like zoom in and zoom out. 

I was curious to understand more about those new things and how they work. I had no prior understanding of AIML when I enrolled in the course, yet the learning was fantastic. The professors were excellent and quite helpful, and the classroom program was excellent.

The teachers, hands-on sessions, and all of the resources they provide are very well written in a very specific manner. It also means that everyone can comprehend how to utilize these things at any time. The Faculty, like Sayan Dey, Prof Mukesh Rao, and other teachers, are excellent. Prof Rao Sir is extremely good and has excellent teaching skills.

If we don’t understand something, we can ask him. If you have any questions, you can ask them, and he’ll explain everything again and again. And wonderful learning gives all of the study materials, even though they are online. I still have the study materials, and when I have a problem or forget a concept, I look over all of the topics and see what was recovered in video lectures, and it becomes clear to me. The content is market-ready content to refer to and revisit. 

Our program manager Gurvani was helpful. She was approachable whenever we needed any information, or for the additional session on any topic, we directly told her, and she should be kind enough to arrange the one for us. 

She was extremely approachable. It was indeed a Great Learning experience with Great Learning.


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