Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash


Good day, everyone! I’m a senior backend developer and online teacher who will show you how to master the Unix shell in this course.

Although it is true that the graphical user interface greatly facilitates our day-to-day computer usage, such as navigating between directories, editing files, and installing applications, Beyond giving an exceptional amount of control over the operating system, the shell continues to be the best, and, in some cases, the only choice, for doing the majority of our responsibilities as developers.

Because technologies like Git or Linux servers don’t have a graphical interface, shells are often the only way to run specific applications or connect to other machines.

This course will cover a lot of material, but don’t worry; I don’t presume you already know what a terminal, command-line, or text editor are, so we’ll go over everything step-by-step.

All you’ll need is a PC or virtual machine that runs Linux or macOS.

Because theory alone isn’t enough, you’ll find practical tasks sprinkled throughout each session to ensure that the principles you learn stay.

Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash

Linux & Unix Command Line Basics for Bash

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