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How to Run Python Scripts

To run a Python script, you will need to have Python installed on your machine and the script itself. Here is a step-by-step guide for running a Python script:

  1. Open a command prompt or terminal window.
  2. Navigate to the directory where the Python script is located. You can use the cd command to change directories. For example:
  1. Make sure the script is executable. You can use the chmod command to change the permissions of the script file. For example:
  1. Run the script by typing the following command:

Alternatively, you can use the ./ notation to run the script directly, if it is executable:

  1. If the script requires arguments, you can pass them after the script name, separated by spaces. For example:

The script will be executed, and the output (if any) will be displayed in the command prompt or terminal window.

It’s also important to note that you can use a script interpreter or a Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to run a Python script. An IDE is a specialized software application that provides a convenient interface for writing and running Python code. Some popular Python IDEs include PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, and IDLE.

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