React Dropzone drag and drop files and upload to firebase


Drag and drop files into the React Dropzone, then upload them to Firebase.

In this project, we’ll build a basic web app with a dropzone and input that allows the user to type in text and drag and drop multiple files into the dropzone. It will then be uploaded to the storage. For example, in this project, we will enable users to upload pictures

What’s the deal with Nextjs?

The server renders all of the React components that make up a website’s user-facing area first. This implies that after the HTML has been sent to the client (the user’s browser), the user may view the content on the page without doing anything further. As a consequence, the user believes page loading times to be much quicker.

Because no client-side javascript is needed to access the page content, SSR also delivers an out-of-the-box, indexable and crawlable website, which is crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Increasing technical SEO helps our customers in the long run.

What’s the deal with tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a well-known low-level CSS framework with a wide range of customisation possibilities. They are, nevertheless, fundamentally different. Tailwind has building parts instead of pre-made parts like Bootstrap, which makes it easier for developers to build designs.

What is the purpose of Firebase?

With Firebase, you can focus your efforts on building the best app (s) for your organization. Because the operations and underlying features of the Firebase interface are so solid and taken care of, you can spend more time building a high-quality app that consumers will want to use.

Who this course is for:

  • A group of people who want to make a real-world app with Nextjs and be able to drag and drop.


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