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The Cloud Computing course by Great Learning is one of the best courses that I have attended in my life, which marks a milestone in my career.

As part of my Software Development Manager role in Oracle in 2014, I worked on a major on-premises to Oracle cloud migration for 40+ applications of my business unit. It was a highly successful migration project where all my team’s applications were seamlessly migrated over with several iterations of unit/integration testing and UAT. My role in this project was that I was the technical owner of all these applications, where my team and I worked together with the Oracle Cloud System admins, Network admins, and Database admins to accomplish the goal. In 2014, I could not imagine that I would decide to upskill myself to work from the other side of the table – as a Cloud Architect soon. This course has enabled me to pursue this path.

The fantastic content structure, project, use case coverage, mentor sessions and support, quiz and assessments, well-distributed project assignments throughout the course, cloud computing articles shared weekly and group project opportunities with the Capstone project – are key highlights of this Cloud computing program. All of these will be covered within a period of 6-7 months with an average commitment of up to 2 hours each day.

I want to specifically mention all of whom have made this journey a memory for a lifetime for me:

  1. Nirmallya Mukherjee – The Einstein behind this course – every small detail of this course is put together by Nirmallya and his team. He is the reason why I enrolled in this course. I was in a dilemma when I had initially heard about the Great Lakes Cloud computing course. However, there were a series of introduction videos by Nirmallya that helped me make a firm decision on enrolling in it.
  2. Mayank Pandey, Bhuvaneswari Subramani, Raghu Raman, Atul Sharma – Very well-structured mentor sessions discussion throughout this course
  3. Yogitha – Excellent coordination with each student enrolled in the PGPCC batch. High approachable and flexible professional. She helped me with every small or big problem that I faced throughout the term of this course. I have not had this experience in my earlier courses with other universities.
  4. Palak – Very good coordination on the admission process to the PGPCC program.

My advice to all the aspirants of Cloud computing – I know it is overwhelming to imagine studying a course along with your job and it is very hard to decide if the course structure will be worth the cost and time involved. However, I can assure you from my personal experience that if you promise yourself to pursue this Great Lakes PGP CC course consistently (with no backlogs), you will stand strong on the path to being a successful Cloud architect and there will be no looking back from that point.

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