The group assignments create an engaging and dynamic learning environment




Creating realistic expectations and setting yourself up for success has been my motto throughout the journey in Great Lakes. Having a multidimensional career from an IT analyst to an Asst Professor, to a Digital Marketer, and finally, an entrepreneur, life has been very challenging in my professional career. Taking a maternity break and trying to get back to work was a herculean task for me which required an equal number of guts and grits to bounce back again despite having a full-time job as a mother. I worked meticulously hard each day juggling between various roles, improving and challenging myself to give the best of my abilities.

The Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives offered by the Great Lakes Institute of Management was a ray of hope for me! It is an amalgamation of professionals from varied industries and experience which helps in sculpting the best in us in terms of learning and knowledge gathering, actually an eye-opener with many interesting case studies which has helped me to increase my in-depth business knowledge. The group assignments create an engaging and dynamic learning environment. The program office is always responsive to our queries and helps us cater to the rigorous schedule. Our professors are globally acclaimed and cover all the in-depth knowledge. They explain the concept very clearly and are very resourceful in terms of citing examples to support each of the technical jargon. It is easy to use the concepts taught in the program in real-life situations in my day-to-day professional life and relate them better. In short, it’s a full return on Investment. The training and placement cell helps every individual in providing job opportunities irrespective of their job experiences.

Finally, I am placed in the National Anti-Fraud Unit (NAFU), National Health Authority as Consultant-Product Manager. I owe tremendously to Great Lakes for this opportunity and has rekindled my lost aspiration and made me stronger, inspired and aiming to reach higher acme.

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