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I’d been toying with the idea of taking up a digital marketing course, but kept putting it off, as I wasn’t sure I’d remain ‘inspired’ enough to complete it. In fact, the first time I took up a DM course was nearly 7 years back with an institute whose name I no longer remember. I probably attended about 2-3 sessions but was not able to sustain the interest (or the attendance). Work always took precedence.

I comforted myself with the thought that I had access to pre-recorded sessions and would do it “at my pace”. Seven years later, I no longer remember the name of the institute, leave alone my user name and password! This is where I am actually thankful for Great Learning.

Though the course has been stressful at times, it’s definitely a boon for those like me who tend to procrastinate or chase the “urgent”. Great Learning makes sure that it remains an “urgent” priority for learners! The deadlines and the mandatory class attendance have been stressful, but I also know that had it not been for keeping us on our toes, I’d probably not have put in as much effort and consequently, the learnings would not have been as much.

Digital Marketing is a large and constantly evolving topic so a 6-month course is hardly enough to teach it all. A lot of self-effort and supplemental reading is required. The resources section has been very helpful in that regard. Each of the professors too comes with a lot of industry experience and has been able to provide insights pertaining to a wide range of situations. A very special thanks to Satish who has always answered each query of mine so patiently. Overall, I’d say that taking up the Great Learning course in 2020 was one of the upsides of the ‘corona’ year.

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