Udemy – Complete NodeJS Developer in 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more)

complete nodejs developer in 2022 (graphql, mongodb, + more)
complete nodejs developer in 2022 (graphql, mongodb, + more) free download
complete nodejs developer in 2022 (graphql, mongodb, + more) download
complete nodejs developer in 2022 (graphql, mongodb, + more) free


Complete NodeJS Developer in 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more) is a NodeJS project-based training course published by Udemy Academy. In addition to ninety GHs, this training course includes other related technologies such as Express framework, QQ graph, MongoDB, SQL databases, etc., and full-stack and server-side programmers can benefit from this training to the same extent. This training course is completely up-to-date and uses the latest version of Ninety GS to teach new capabilities of this powerful technology. According to the instructor, this course is one of the most complete and up-to-date courses offered for NodeJS, which teaches almost all theoretical and practical topics related to this operating environment. After explaining the theory of each topic, you will participate in the development of several mini-projects step by step with the instructor and test the skills learned.

The NodeJS ecosystem is very dynamic and active, and new features are being added day by day. This step-by-step course will be updated with advanced and upgraded Ninety GS and new content will be added to it.

What you will learn in Complete NodeJS Developer in 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more)

  • Build enterprise-heavy applications with 90GS and implement them on Amazon cloud servers (AWS)
  • Choose the right architecture and development model to build large, performance-efficient yet secure applications
  • Make appropriate decisions in the pre-development stages and careful project planning
  • Development of various API types such as REST API and GraphQL API
  • Work on real data and receive data from the SpaceX API to build the system launch
  • Implement user authentication and login and logout management
  • Manage input and output data and files
  • Work with various databases such as SQL and MongoDB
  • Express framework
  • MERN Stack Web Technology
  • Familiarity with the principles of network security and development of secure applications with Next.js
  • The latest capabilities and facilities of the Nod GS ecosystem
  • Asynchronous Programming in Next.js
  • Compare Node with PHP and Python and explore the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Observer Design Pattern
  • Event management with EventEmitter
  • Build custom modules
  • Comparison of CommonJS modules with ECMAScript
  • Register, share, update and use JavaScript packages in npm
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Compare Express Framework with Next.js and Koa
  • Model-view-controller or UME development template

complete nodejs developer in 2022 (graphql, mongodb, + more) : Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Zero To Mastery, Adam Odziemkowski and Andrei Neagoie
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 413
Duration: 46 hours and 10 minutes

Course topics on 2022/1

Complete NodeJS Developer in 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more) Prerequisites

Just basic JavaScript knowledge

You DO NOT need any prior experience with NodeJS!

You DO NOT need any prior Backend Development knowledge!

Complete NodeJS Developer in 2022 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more)

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