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Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning is a hyperparameter optimization training course published by Udemy Academy. This course covers a number of topics, the most important of which are network search, random search, Bayesian optimization, multi-fidelity models, Optuna framework, Hyperopt library and Scikit-Optimize. Is. And … pointed out. In this training course, he is acquainted with selection techniques to select the best and most optimal meta-parameter and is able to provide the performance of car models as much as possible. There are facilities for meta-parameter optimization that in this training course are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages as well as the functional considerations of each.

What you will learn in Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning

  • Adjust and optimize the metaparameter and understand its importance and why
  • Cross-validation method
  • Adjustment and optimization of meta-parameters with the methods of network search method and random and random search
  • Bayesian optimization
  • Tree-Structured Parzen Estimators Optimization Approach
  • Population Based Training
  • Hyperopt, Optuna, Scikit-optimize and Keras Turner libraries and frameworks

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Soledad Galli
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 94
Duration: 9 hours and 26 minutes

Course topics on 2022/3

Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Content


Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Prerequisites

Python programming, including knowledge of NumPy, Pandas and Scikit-learn

Familiarity with basic machine learning algorithms, i.e., regression, support vector machines and nearest neighbours

Familiarity with decision tree algorithms and Random Forests

Familiarity with gradient boosting machines, i.e., xgboost, lightGBMs

Understanding of machine learning model evaluation metrics

Familiarity with Neuronal Networks



Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning

Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Introduction Video

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