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Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide is a microservice architecture training course and the use of its design and development patterns in the software programming process, published by Udemy Academy. Over the years, microservices have become a very popular and practical trend in software development and have changed the world of software. In microservice architecture, we are not dealing with an integrated software (monolith), but with a system of several parts of different services that integrate each microservice using a common language. Many technology companies such as Netfl, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, etc. have moved to microservice architecture, and today microservice is mentioned as a special concept in the development of large software.

What you will learn in Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide

  • Architecture of microservices and why it is used in software development
  • Comparing microservice architecture with other old architectures such as monoliths and examining the advantages, disadvantages, potentials and limitations of each
  • 9 specific features of microservices
  • The process of designing and developing applications based on microservice architecture
  • Design powerful, safe and reliable microservices
  • Techniques for implementing and testing microservices
  • Service Mesh and its applications and usage
  • When to use and not to use microservices
  • 3 Common and practical strategies for breaking a monolith into separate microservices

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Memi Lavi
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 90
Duration: 5 hours and 11 minutes

Course topics

Microservices Architecture - The Complete Guide Content

Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide Prerequisites

Some development knowledge is required, although there won’t be actual coding

Familiarity with Software Architecture concepts is recommended but not mandatory

You don’t have to know anything about Microservices!


Microservices Architecture - The Complete Guide

Microservices Architecture – The Complete Guide Introduction Video

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