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Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV is an object tracking training course using the Python programming language and the OpenCV library, published by Udemy Academy. This course is completely project-oriented and during the training process, it uses more than 12 different algorithms and techniques to track objects in videos and webcams. Object tracking is a subset of computer vision that aims to track and track objects in successive frames of a video file or live broadcast or webcam or CCTV camera. One of the most important applications of object tracking is video protection and security systems and various office units. These systems can detect suspicious movements and alert you as quickly as possible.

Numerous applications can be envisaged for tracking objects, including commercial and non-security items, such as traffic cameras and speeding of cars and motorcycles, and even surveillance of movements and analysis of tactics implemented by football players.

What you will learn in Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV

  • Tracking objects and their movements in live streaming cameras, webcams and video files
  • Basics of Python programming language
  • OpenCV library and how to install, configure and work with it
  • Different tracking algorithms and the unique applications and features of each
  • Differences and points of difference between object detection and object tracking
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Dalton Luiz Vargas, Jones Granatyr and IA Expert Academy
Language: English
Level: Beginner
Number of Lessons: 33
Duration: 4 hours and 44 minutes

Course topics on 2022/2

Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV Content

Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV Prerequisites

Programming logic
Basic Python programming


Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV

Object Tracking using Python and OpenCV Introduction Video

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