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x86 Assembly Language Programming is a master’s degree program in 32-bit assembly programming published by Udemy Academy. This course covers important topics such as processor processing (CPU) and machine code generation (machine code) and will teach you very important points related to the underlying layers of computers and computer systems. Using a software simulator, the old and famous Intel 8086 computer can be simulated and stability (registration) and memory models (memory partition model) can be obtained. The simulator is very easy to work with and the user can click on the button at any time and see the steps of the processor and the flow of information. After reviewing the old Intel 8086 processor, he gets acquainted with the features and capabilities of the new processors and learns how to program them with assembly.

During the course, many more topics will be covered, such as the development of 32-bit programs for Windows systems and important methods of communicating with C-based programs and software through assembly. By communicating with C programs, the user can easily access changes, information structures, and arrays in C code, or call functions written in C language through an assembly. This communication channel is completely two-way and the user can also call the assembly through C routine codes.

What you will learn in x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course

  • Work with the Emu8086 Editor and Compiler to write assembly programs for the Intel 8086 processor
  • Registers in the processor and their application in the temporary storage of various information
  • Memory fragmentation model in Intel processors
  • Interrupt
  • Subroutine and return addresses
  • The stack

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Daniel McCarthy
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 26
Duration: 3 hours and 26 minutes

Course topics on 2022/2

x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course Content

x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course Prerequisites

Basic C knowledge is recommended if not C then at least some experience in another programming language

A drive to solve problems. Assembly is nothing like any other language, I will teach you what I know but you have to be willing to pay attention and try again if you mess up


x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course

x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course Introduction Video

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