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React Router is a training course on moving components and routing in Ray framework applications with the React Router tool, published by the Ultimate Courses Academy. This course is a comprehensive training project and will solve one of the most difficult and difficult topics of the React framework, ie routing, in your mind forever.

What you will learn in React Router

  • Install, set up and configure the React and React Router framework
  • Component-oriented routing and implementation methods
  • Different scenarios of user authentication and login and logout management
  • Manage 404 pages and redirect the user to other pages
  • Construction of nested and complex routes

Course specifications

Publisher: Ultimate Courses
Instructors: Todd Motto
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 37
Duration: 4 hours and 31 minutes

Course topics


  • The Missing Introduction to React Router
  • Project Walkthrough and Install

Core Essentials

  • Introducing the <BrowserRouter />
  • <Route /> and Path declarations
  • Switching <Route /> elements with <Routes />
  • Handling 404 Not Found routes
  • Redirecting 404 Not Found routes

Declarative Navigation and Links

  • Navigating to routes with <Link />
  • Active link states with <NavLink />
  • Active styles on <NavLink />

Advanced Routing Practices

  • Nested Routes and <Outlet />
  • Fetching Data in Nested Routes
  • Relative and Absolute Navigation with <Link />
  • Creating Dynamic Routes
  • Reading Route Params with useParams() Hook
  • Fetching Dynamic Data with Route Params
  • Programmatic Navigation with useNavigate()
  • Replacing Router State on Navigation
  • Passing State on Navigation alongside useLocation()
  • Understanding Navigation Deltas with useNavigate()
  • Domain-Driven Nested Routes
  • Restricting Access with a <ProtectedRoute /> Component

CRUD Operations and Bonus Techniques

  • Re-investigating Relative <Link /> Paths
  • Using <Link /> with Nested Routes
  • Creating a new Product from a Form
  • Redirecting upon Product Create
  • Retrieving an existing Product
  • Updating an existing Product
  • Deleting an existing Product
  • Passing Props to Routed Components
  • Reading Search Params with useSearchParams()
  • Syncing Search Param State with UI State
  • Rendering UI from Search Param State
  • Scrolling to Top after Route Transitions
  • Object-based Route Config with useRoutes()

Performance Techniques

  • Code Splitting and Lazy-Loading Components
  • Creating a Suspense-ready Lazy-Load Component

React Router Prerequisites

React Basics Course


React Router

React Router Introduction Video

Installation guide

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