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This is N Venkata Surya Bharadwaj from IIITH-SEDS Jan’21 Accelerated Batch Great Learning. First of all, I would like to thank the entire Great Learning Team for supporting us. Now coming to the program, I am from Mechanical Engineering, and along with my B.Tech, I started learning programming languages. I am a data enthusiast and I would love to work on data and started learning the data science foundations. Later on, after my graduation, I joined this IIITH-SEDS Program from Great Learning. This is the program where you can build your foundations and make them stronger. The lectures from IIITH Professors are really good and you’ll also have access to recordings. If you get stuck at a point, you can ask the professors directly in the class, they are really very cool and they shared their beautiful experiences. Coming to the most important point, the Program support is the main pillar where you have a great team. Whenever you have a doubt or any issues, if you raise a ticket, you’ll get the response ASAP. Teaching Sessions, Hands-on, Extra classes, everything is just perfect. 

This program has two parts:

  1. Software Engineering (Foundations (Python, SQL, JS…))
  2. Data Science Part (Algos, Data Engineering, Cloud, DevOps)

But here is the main thing: You need to dedicate some more time to this program. If you do it, you’ll get a good hands-on experience and a better understanding of concepts.

I loved the program and I made some beautiful friends who are very supportive.

Once again, I would like to thank each and every member of the Great Learning Team and IIITH Professors for all the support.

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