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Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus] is a training course on meditation and techniques to increase productivity and focus for programmers, published by the specialized academy ZeroToMastery. Doing meditation exercises daily and continuously will make you experience progress in all aspects of your life and become a happier and more successful person. This course includes 4 one-week challenges and devotes a total of one month of your time to creating a relaxing and effective habit. Relaxing meditation techniques can be used to reduce stress before interviews and job tests, relax in stressful work situations, clear the mind to see the facts better, and thus make effective decisions.

What you will learn in Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus]

  • A step-by-step guide to meditation and applying its relaxing techniques
  • Improve the learning process and mind function through meditation and mental exercises
  • Techniques to increase productivity and focus and consequently career advancement
  • Personalize meditation and its various techniques and turn it into an effective and practical daily habit
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: ZeroToMastery
Instructors: Oana Dragan
Language: English
Level: Beginner
Number of Lessons: 24
Duration: 4 hours

Course topics


Preparation Week: Meditation Fundamentals

Start the 4 Week Challenge

Week 1 Challenge: Connect to Your Breath

Week 2 Challenge: Connect with Your Body

Week 3 Challenge: Observing Your Mind

Week 4 Challenge: Visualization

Conclusion to the 4 Week Challenge

Meditations Library

Where To Go From Here?

Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus] Prerequisites

No requirements. Just a drive to learn, to be a better human, and succeed in this life by improving yourself

Headphones are recommended (but not required) for a more immerserve experience when listening to guided meditations


Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus]

Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus] Introduction Video

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