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Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence is a business intelligence and business data analysis course published by ZeroToMastery Academy. In today’s modern world, business data analysis is one of the most important tools for business owners to optimize the process and make data-driven decisions, and for this they use Python programming language and a set of related technologies and tools. The modern global economy is a data-driven and fully intelligent phenomenon, and data-driven decisions naturally play a very effective role in this environment. A business analyst is like a detective, and his clues are tools like Python, Facebook Prophet, and Google Causal Impact.

With the help of old data, he tries to find the secret and connection between the data and their meaning and provide the most optimal prediction for future events. Almost all large companies are looking for the elite in business data analysis because accurate and comprehensive data analysis can practically bring them huge amounts of profit.

What you will learn in Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence

  • Skills and practical knowledge required to enter the business data analysis industry
  • Using Python programming language for statistical analysis, causal inference, econometrics, market segmentation, matching (graph) and predictive analysis
  • Work with various business analysis tools such as Google Causal Impact, Facebook Prophet and Random Forest
  • Data-driven decision-making process and ways to influence its final result
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: ZeroToMastery
Instructors: Diogo Resende
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 243
Duration: 15 hours and 30 minutes

Course topics

Section 1 – Introduction


Section 2 – Basic Statistics

Section 3 – Intermediary Statistics

Section 4 – Linear Regression

Section 5 – Multilinear Regression

Section 6 – Logistic Regression


Section 7 – Google Causal Impact (Econometrics and Causal Inference)

Section 8 – Matching


Section 9 – RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis

Section 10 – Gaussian Mixture


Section 11 – Random Forest

Section 12 – Facebook Prophet

Where To Go From Here?

Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence Prerequisites

A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection

Basic Python knowledge. Don’t know Python? No problem, you’ll get access to our Python Bootcamp here as well where we’ll teach you Python from scratch

A willingness and enthusiasm to learn and take action


Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence

Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence Introduction Video

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